What is Wellness Care?

Benjamin Franklin once stated “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” This quote implies that it is better and easier to prevent a problem than to fix it once it has become bothersome. Although our founding father may have been speaking metaphorically, the saying is very true when taken literally about health care.

Many people think of Chiropractors as “Back Doctors” and would only consider seeking care for neck or back pain once it becomes bothersome. Maintenance or wellness visits with a Doctor of Chiropractic can help eliminate stresses on the body since the last visit before they become painful. We change the tires or oil in our cars on a regular basis to prevent mechanical trouble, why not have routine maintenance on our body's engine or chassis as well?

For example, John Smith works in a factory making samophlanges. The repeated stresses of his job led him to seek care for low back pain. He was seen in my office and evaluated as having a strain/sprain of his lumbar spine. His treatment plan included Chiropractic care once a week for three weeks, followed by once every other week for six weeks, and then once every three weeks for nine weeks, for a total of nine visits over eighteen weeks. He did very well with treatment but had a relapse six weeks after his last visit, causing a lot of avoidable discomfort and several missed days of work. We discussed his options and decided that one visit every four weeks would help keep his symptoms under control and continue working without further episodes.

This type of care is also known as preventative care, as it is intended to prevent flare-ups of existing conditions or recurrence of past conditions.