Meet Our Staff

Keith Mondschein,

Dr. Keith Mondschein was part of the first graduating class from the pioneering Chiropractic program at D'Youville College, granting him top quality instruction in the healing art and science of Chiropractic. Before this, he earned his Bachelors Degree in Medicinal Chemistry and his Masters Degree in Chemistry from the University at Buffalo.

He is also the first alumni to be invited back as faculty at D’Youville, allowing him to stay current on the latest advances in his field. Dr. Mondschein also has over eighteen years as a Paramedic and volunteer firefighter, giving unique training and experience that carries over to his bedside manner and diagnostic skills.

Dr. Mondschein’s education gives him the knowledge and skills to diagnose and treat patients; his experience allows him to collaborate with other healthcare providers of all specialties, or even a patient’s attorney when needed, as well as to ability to explain difficult concepts in easy to understand terms.

Keith Mondschein grew up in Canarsie, a neighborhood in Brooklyn, NY. In his spare time, he enjoys spending time with friends and family, especially his wife and two daughters.

Dr. Keith